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Most EV Fest Update Emails you will receive will be sent will be in HTML format, using a layout that includes pictures, links, and other active content. 
You will want to be sure to choose the HTML format - unless there is not way you can view pictures in your Email Client.

On occasion - if time is short, or an item or point is urgent - we may just sent an EV Fest Update Email in TEXT format, or if we have just a few simple points to mention.

Emails will generally be sent to you announcing significant items of interest in our updates:
- Particular Exhibitors coming to EV Fest
   (such as if Porsche, Volvo, Ballard, Fiat, or other New OEM Exhibitor is joining us!)
- Current Numbers of Exhibitors at EV Fest 
   (and when possible - who they are and Pictures/Links for you to follow up on!)
- New Ticket Types that are available
   (Premium and VIP Ticket Types, for Instance, Merchandise Sales Items, etc.)
- Surveys or Links to Surveys to help us improve EV Fest
   (Find New or Better Venues, Exhibitors, Vendors, Sponsors, Speakers, etc.)
- Information about other EV Fest Sponsored and Related Events 
   (Like EV Cruise Nights, EV Show & Shine Events, Seminars, Contests, Draws, and Winners!)
- Sometimes - we might formulate an EV Fest Update Email, containing pertinent Electric Vehicle News, from sources on the Internet.

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